About Us

With a long-standing background, pioneer floristry company at producing ornamental plants, Akgül Çiçekçilik has started business by our founder Abdullah Kurt at 1965. Growing with presenting right answers to the demands of our customers with the sense of quality and confidence and improved with modern and high standard irrigation, fertilization and disinfection; our company nowadays is producing hundreds of different plants in Karadere, Akköy, Samanlı and Çiftlikköy nursery in Yalova on a land of 600,000 square meters. Along with high standard local nursery, sale and export our company is making world plants of good quality imports from Italy, Holland, Poland, Belgium, Germany and Spain. Exporting hundreds of various plants to Turkmenistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan and Georgia, our company is servicing to landscape projects and applications locally and worldwide. Transferring the experience from generation to generation, through the accelerated growing process starting from Kazım Kurt, Akgül Çiçekçilik continues its ways by increasing projects and success with 3rd generation Sevin Kurt Bingöl. Akgül Çiçekçilik started to operate in a larger field by giving a start to unique "Büyük Bahçe" project. Besides being one of the big shareholder of "Yalova Garden Inc." which has 45 partners that that is carried out for the first time in Turkey the pilot project "Büyük Bahçe"; the company have justified the proud of carrying its role at top tier for doing the missions and investments that it is ought to. The project which was actualized with the concept of 365 days of fair ground, you can find all kinds of interior and exteriors, seasonal and perennial plants and all kinds of side industry materials related to this field. Through half century industry experience, giving service at high standards and providing top level customer satisfaction, our company continues to realize very special and different projects locally and abroad with its experienced team that are specialist in their fields from every state of production to design and support.